Silver P4 International 10 Layer Alkaline Water Storage Tank 9 Layer Protection with 1 Layer Extra Skin Jacket-P4 | 1 Pcs Anti-Scaling Device | 30% Extra Storage Capacity



All P4 Tanks go through three stage quality check process wherein we thoroughly inspect its tear strength, color adaptation, outdoor temperature & water quality.


SKU: Silver-7L



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Picture a refreshing stream of Naturally Alkaline Water Purifier, generously provided by the Silver-P4 international water tank. With every sip, feel the comfort of our 9-layer protection plus 1-layer Extra Jacket Protection, enveloping your hydration journey in strength and reliability, like a warm embrace from a trusted companion.

  • Naturally alkaline Water: Elevate your water’s pH by up to 2 units, from 6 to 8, without any electrolysis. (the pH depends on what type of water (pH) you store in Tank)*
  • 9-layer Protection: Ensuring durability and strength for long-lasting performance.
  • Extra storage capacity: Enjoy 1300 liters of water, a 30% increase from the standard 1000-liter tank. (This 30% Extra Storage is available Every Silver P4 International Water Tank 500 Litres to 5000 Litres)
  • Superior bacterial killing: Our tank eliminates 99.91% of bacteria and viruses, guaranteeing safe and clean water for your family.
  • Disease-free assurance: With our advanced features, rest assured that your water remains free from harmful contaminants and diseases. Experience cleaner, healthier water for you and your family.
  • Advanced Lids: Featuring P4’s D2LF Technology, this set includes two lids: one airtight lid and one locking lid, designed to keep birds, animals, and insects away while also protecting from extreme cyclones like Amphan.
  • Experience peace of mind with our 15-year warranty and Lifetime Customer Support. Our commitment to quality ensures your satisfaction for years to come.
  • Jacket-P4: Jacket-P4 Protects yourself and your water from the adverse impacts of Global Warming. When summer temperatures peak, our P4 Heat Shield Jacket ensures your water remains at a normal, pour-over temperature, unaffected by the heat.
Brand Category Water Purifier Storage Tank
Colour Silver
Litre Mention Capacity + Free 30% Extra Storage
Insulation Layer 10 Layers ( 9 Layers Protection + Extra 1 Layer Jacket
Base Shape Cylindrical

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Tank delivery differs from state to state and district to district.  After we confirm the order of your inquired tank related product then we will start delivering the ordered to you your area .

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